Sports Is the Face of Life

Sports are one of the most important part of human lives. It is the games we play for our entertainment and for increasing our fitness. Sports have been a part of human lives from very old times. In those days, there were different games and they were played differently. It was much simpler. Slowly as time progressed, so did the nature of the games change. There were new games that were invented and they added to the richness of human sports. Today, sports have become one of the major industries employing and entertaining millions of people.

Ancient Sports Some of the oldest sports can be found in the cave paintings of Lascaux caves in modern day France. They are the oldest records of human sports. The other major old civilizations that were interested in sports were the Mongolians, the Sumerians and the Japanese. The modern day Japanese sport of Sumo is one of the oldest human sports. It has been found in ancient records. One of the most interesting and famous sport of the later ancient age was the sport of Gladiator that was found in the days of the Roman Empire. It was one of the most dangerous sports as well.

Middle Age Sports

Middle ages saw the development of sports to greater extents. However, the games were bit different from the sports we play today. They were mainly inclined to developing the fighting skills of men. This was helped by the fact that the people in the middle ages had many holidays. Thus playing was one of their major engagements. One of the games that were very popular in the British Islands was the “Shrovetide Football. “

Modern Day Sports

Sports have totally changed in the modern days. It has become one of the biggest industries. Some of the major sports of the modern times are Football, Cricket, and Rugby. But one of the most interesting facts about these games is that all these sports have some link to the past. Football is by far the biggest game of the world. The most appealing thing about this game is its simplicity. Another very popular game is cricket. It is a game that was invented by some old Dutch people. Tennis is an elegant game and the rich people mainly play it.


Sports have become one of the integral parts of human lives. It is a process of human recreation, activeness and ventilation of the mind. It has created many positive things for the human society. It has helped in keeping communities together in times of conflict. It has also helped people to earn some money either directly or indirectly. Sports have developed a lot over the past few centuries. But there is scope for further development. One of the most modern features that have come into sports in recent times is the use of technology. It has totally changed the face of sports forever. Sports are now running towards the future at the speed of light.

Description- This article is about sports. It mentions its various features.

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