Business News - Tips to Improve Productivity at Work

Business News – Tips to Improve Productivity at Work

Being productive and staying productive are two different things. The first one is driven by the immense enthusiasm a person has once they start working. Naturally, over time, all that enthusiasm tends to decrease – it’s not really something that happens voluntarily but it happens as a product of constant working and not much rest. And that’s one side of the coin. The other one consists of workers that aren’t that much dedicated to their jobs – some may have personal reasons, others may not like the job, it’s a tough guess, really. Still, it’s your duty as their leader to find ways to keep them motivated and improve productivity at work. Here are some ideas you may employ.

Before you move onto any type of tactic, you need to look around and observe the people you work with. Don’t do it so they notice – casually follow their work and see whether they seem happy, content or dissatisfied with what they do. See if the work environment is good, whether everyone is giving their potential, and stuff like that. Once you do, here are some things you may do and boost work productivity at your work place.

1. Bonuses

Nothing’s as good a motivator as money is – especially in the industry. If your budget allows it, set some money aside to give out bonuses to the best and hardest working employees. That’s how things work at many successful companies, especially if you work in sales or  marketing departments.. If/when you decide you are ready to award your workers, announce it. Once everybody hears they may get rewarded for their hard work, they’ll want to work more and give their best to accomplish any of the company’s goals. Also, don’t be shady and say you’ll give a bonus when you actually don’t. This way you’ll just loose trust of your people and many will leave. Some companies also rewards their best employees with paid vacations or quality piece of cordless power tools.

2. Environment

Work space can be one of the main factors in your employee’s productivity. Cold, washed out colors in gray tones may bring a dull and uninspiring mood upon your colleagues. Also, lack of plants, broken air-conditioning, a kitchen that’s never stocked (or lack of a kitchen, overall) and similar disadvantages on a work place can be pretty bad on the employees’ will to work. So, stock the kitchen, do all repairs around the office, re-decorate if possible or just freshen the space up and bring life into the offices. After all, the offices are where people spend approximately 8 to 10 hours a day – and they need to feel comfortable.

3. Instill control

Some people tend to misuse other people’s good will and tolerance so they act loose and careless towards the work they’re supposed to do. This usually goes for social networks users, those employees that spend more time on their personal social networks during working hours than they do completing their tasks. If you have noticed that something like this may be the case at your workplace, consider forbidding logging in to private networks and limit all company computers to just work-related web pages. If, however, you don’t feel like implementing such Draconian measures on your colleagues, you may either try to talk to them and explain what a drain of time and productivity such behavior is and see what happens, or let them use their networks while they’re on a break. And, of course, there is always the third, a bit painful option – firing people that don’t take the job seriously. All of you are on the same ship and you should say goodbye to anyone who is helping it sink.

4. Technology

No matter what line of business you are in, replying on technology suitable for your enterprise may save you a lot of time and money, plus the work will be efficiently done. Upgrade all computers you’ve got at the office and help your employees do their work the best they can. When tech support is older than the programs you need for working, a discrepancy is created and progress is almost impossible. You find your firm at a standstill, when this “problem” is actually easily fixable.