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1% of UK businesses responsible for 68% of new jobs

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Research carried out for Octopus Investments has revealed just how important the UK’s fastest growing companies are to our economic success. The research was conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), just 1% of UK businesses… 00    Read More »

Did Kendall Jenner Tell Selena Gomez “Justin Bieber Never Loved You!”?

Selena Gomez

  According to Ok! Magazine, Kendall Jenner told Selena Gomez that Justin Bieber never loved her and that their relationship was only for the cameras. According to Ok’s source, “Kendall couldn’t care less about Selena and is telling all… 00    Read More »

Mystery of Alexander the Great-era tomb holds Greeks in thrall

A girl takes a picture of a marble lion statue located near the site of an archaelogical excavation, at the town of Amphipolis, in northern Greece

(Reuters) – Greek archaeologist Katerina Peristeri dug in obscurity for years before unearthing a marble tomb from the time of Alexander the Great — a find that has brought her instant fame. 00    Read More »

Protests in Ferguson, elsewhere dwindle after two nights of unrest

Protests in Ferguson

(Reuters) – The streets of Ferguson, Missouri were mostly quiet overnight after two days of racially charged unrest sparked by a grand jury decision not to prosecute a white policeman who shot dead an unarmed black teenager. 00    Read More »

Indian hanged girls ‘took their own lives’

Angry villagers protested at the tree where the girls were found hanged in Badaun district

Two teenage Indian girls found hanging from a tree in May took their own lives and were not gang-raped and murdered, federal investigators have said. 00    Read More »


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