A memorial to Confederate president Jefferson Davis is seen along Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia.

Americans Divided Over Calls to Remove Confederate Monuments

In the wake of the racially-charged killing of nine African-Americans in Charleston, SC, last month, many have called for the removal of symbols of the Confederacy from public spaces. 00    read more



Nigerian Federal govt dismisses criticisms of lopsided appointments

The Nigerian Federal government has dismissed insinuations that President Muhammadu Buhari is implementing a northern agenda in his appointments as the appointments made so far were lopsided in favour of the north of the country. 00    read more



South Africa will Record 27 Million Internet Users by 2019

South Africa will record an increase in internet usage due to the adoption of smart phones and other similar devices among users. This projection is contained in a report by Cisco Visual Networking Index 2015, Fin24 reports. +10    read more