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      2. 關于我們

        About Us
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        CERI eco Technology Co. Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CERI. Restructured from the Beijing Environmental Assessment Joint in 2005, CERI eco holds the class-A qualification on environmental impact assessment (covering metallurgy, electromechanical, building materials, thermal power generation, mining, transportation and social area category). Business scope includes Environmental impact assessment, Cleaner production audits and energy saving consulting, CDM and low carbon technology consulting, Environmental risk contingency planning, etc.


        In year 2005 and 2006, CERI eco was honored twice as the “National construction project environmental impact assessment Class A units” by the former State Environmental Protection Administration. In year 2012, CERI eco was announced as vice chairman unit of China Environmental Protection Industry Association EIA industry branch. In year 2014, CERI eco was honored “National Excellent Environmental Impact Assessment mechanism” by the China Environmental Protection Industry Association EIA industry branch.


        CERI eco has conducted over 1500 environmental impact assessment projects, including the overall project of Baosteel, the relocating project of Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel CO., Ltd., the project of new base for Baosteel in Zhanjiang, the circular economy and structural adjustment project of Jiuquan Iron & Steel Group, Rizhao Steel boutique base project of Shandong Iron & Steel Group, provided a reliable support for the sustainable development of enterprises and the decision making of the government concerning environmental protection.


        The Metallurgical Clean Production Technology Center, authorized by the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, established in CERI eco in year 1997, successfully conducted many items of clean production standard preparation work and research work entrusted by the relevant authorities of the state and local government, and provided Anshan Iron & Steel Group, Shougang Group, Baogang Group, etc. with consulting service concerning clean production audit.


        CERI eco provides environmental protection technology consulting and environmental protection duty fulfillment investigation report issue services to the listing and refinancing of enterprises, help enterprises with historical issues and green development. CERI eco successfully provided environmental protection examination and environmental protection duty fulfillment investigation services for Baosteel, Wuhan Iron & Steel Group, Shandong Iron & Steel CO., Ltd,.etc.


        CERI eco has professional low-carbon technology consulting group. Since 2003, the group has accomplished the climate change project with Sino-Holland cooperation, and waste heat recovery project for Baosteel, Baogang Group, etc. Currently, CERI eco has18 CDM projects approved by the National Development  and Reform Commission of China, and 11 CDM projects registered in the CDM Executive Administrative Committee of the United Nations.


        CERI eco is a recommended Energy auditing and Consulting agency by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, providing energy systems analysis, energy use evaluation services to many enterprices.


        CERI eco has wealth experience in environmental engineering management. The company has conducted schematic design project of raw material stockyard for Baogang Group, Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel CO., Ltd.,and the design and construction of retaining wall project for Zhangjiang Base of Baosteel and Ningbo Steel.


        CERI eco has presided over the establishment, revision of a number of national environmental norms and industry standards, undertook a number of national research projects, holds a number of utility model patents and software copyrights. In recent years, CERI eco completed the Establishment of guidelines and standards such as “Environmental Impact Assessment Technology Guidelines for Steel Construction Projects”, “General Evaluation Index System of Industrial Clean Production”, conducted the research of “low Carbon and Green Growth of Iron and Steel Industry”, etc.. 


         In the future, CERI eco will carry on the excellent services with integrity and professional, carry out extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, carry on the spirit of “serving the community, striving for perfection”, and continue a new chapter of CERI eco.