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        Technical Center for  Cleaner  Production of Metallurgical  Industry, established in 1997 with audit of the Ministry of Iron and Steel Industry, is managed under the CERI eco. Technology Co. and under the instruction of National Development and Reform Commission of China, Ministry of Environment Protection, National Industry and Information Ministry of China, China Iron and Steel Industry Institute and National Clean Production Center. The company has 20-year experience on clean production technology consulting services.


        Up to 2014, the Center has provided audit and consulting services for 37 enterprises of iron and steel, coal, electronic and construction material industries. More than 4500 persons have been subject to the training by the Center and the center has trained more than 1000 internal clean production auditors for enterprises. The Center has undertaken more than 40 clean production audit and consulting projects.


        The company is an energy auditing and consulting institution recommended by the Beijing Development and Reform Commission. The company has 6 senior valuators on energy saving and 7 senior energy auditors. It has provided energy audit and energy saving evaluation services for many enterprises, which makes the enterprises obtain remarkable profit from energy saving.


        CERI eco Technology Co., Ltd (CERI eco for short) relies on the advantages of human resources, technology, information, consulting services of its parent company, i.e. MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited. Business scope covers fields of mining, machinery, papermaking, power generation, construction, municipal, highway, public infrastructure, etc. And its services covers the whole process and a complete business chain, including engineering design, equipment R&D and manufacturing, engineering consultation, general engineering contracting, environmental impact assessment, project management, construction supervision, bidding agent, construction plan design review, etc. Thus, CERI eco can provide high quality and omnibearing services for enterprises. Through project cooperation with enterprises, mutual benefits and development can be achieved.


        Learning center in Beijing shougang tang company of cleaner production audit training

        Beijing shougang tang company training students group photo

        I company personnel at the scene of the iron mill production audit fieldwork

        My company the personnel at the scene of the pellet mixing tank production field

        A local review acceptance group in hebei province department of environmental protection to the spot investigation enterprise high fee scheme implementation

        Cleaner production audit project review acceptance of the meeting